Backup files do not import in PC version

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Backup files do not import in PC version

Postby tittiger » Sat May 06, 2017 9:52 pm

I really have 2 issues one is that the Android PM says that it can not find the server, though I am certain of both the port number and the IP.
Let's let that alone for the moment....

I sent backup files 2 ways to my 2nd laptop trying to get my checkbook in the hard way since file transfer does not work.
I sent over the sql data base from my 1st laptop and when I opened in on the second copy of PM, it was empty. Not a transaction in it.
I then sent the data via the Droid app and email
Same thing. On lapop 2, when the file is opened it is empty. The size is like 500K.

FWIW the 2 laptops are identical as it gets Thinkpad T430's both of them, and both running Windows 7.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
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