PocketMoney Desktop MacOS problem (and workaround)

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PocketMoney Desktop MacOS problem (and workaround)

Postby mcube » Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:08 pm

I've already notified Support about this, but I recently realized that there was a serious problem in PocketMoney Desktop (I use MacOS, but it might exist also in the other versions).
Every time you try to open the "Account Info..." (and also for other operations), the cursor goes "beach ball" and the application sort of freezes. Sometimes it
comes back after a few minutes, other times I just give up, force quit, and restart the application.

It seems that the program needs often to query quote.yahoo.com (via HTTP) for the currency information: but that query is redirected to finance.yahoo.com (again via HTTP), but then to finance.yahoo.com (via HTTPS). Those HTTPS connections are failing (probably not supported), so the program goes in a loop asking for quote.yahoo.com and finance.yahoo.com over and over again.
It must be a recent issue, maximum a couple of months old.

I hope Catamount will soon release a new version of the Desktop application, but meanwhile I was able to locally work around the problem directing quote.yahoo.com to localhost. So, if you are suffering the same problem and do not need to normally access quote.yahoo.com (I live in Europe), the temporary solution is to edit your /etc/hosts file (I suppose you know what I'm talking about) and add

Code: Select all       quote.yahoo.com

at the end (at your risk, of course...)

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