How does one remove all photo receipts? (sync issue cause)

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How does one remove all photo receipts? (sync issue cause)

Postby Ma2oliveira » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:16 pm

REF: Removal of (all) photo receipts
REF: Pocketmoney V. 2.1.7 (Android 7.0, Moto G5+)
REF: Pocketmoney V. 2.0.14 (OSX 10.11.6, iMac late 2009)
REF: Pocketmoney 2 V. 1.1.3 (iOS 10.3.1, Ipad Air)
REF: Reason: possible cause for sync problems (hangs on photo sync)


I would like to ask for the forum members´ help as to how I may remove all photo receipts from my pocketmoney (database), either within the Pocketmoney app itself or even with a database tool (SQlite?).

The reason for attempting removal of all the photo receipts is that it may be a cause for my current (OSX/iOS) to Android sync issues, as the sync sessions does not progress beyond the "Photo receipts: 1" message-phase (I even left it synchronizing overnight).

Thank you for your attention and assistance.


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